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ISO 27001 

for your competitive advantage and data protection.

Our ISO 27001 toolkit is a versatile companion, offering gap analysis, implementation guidance, and post-certification reporting to streamline your security management. It benchmarks your security posture, aids in certification, and forms the foundation for your Statement of Applicability (SoA).

Challenges without ISO 27001

Insufficient Information Security Measures

Organizations that have not adopted ISO 27001 often lack a systematic and comprehensive approach to information security.

Non-Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Many industries and regions have specific data security and privacy regulations that organizations must adhere to.

Inefficient Resource Allocation

Without a structured framework like ISO 27001, companies may allocate resources ineffectively for security measures.

Missed Business Opportunities

ISO 27001 certification is increasingly seen as a competitive advantage. Companies lacking this certification may miss out on business.

Our solution to your needs and market demands

Complete mapping of the ISO 27001 Standard incl. Annex A !

  1. Pre-Certification
    • Benchmarking Of Your Current Security Setup
    • Fit/Gap Analysis
  2. Certification process
    • Support And Simplification
    • Situation Analysis
    • Status And Deviation Analysis
  3. After Certification
    • Serves As Your SoA Framework
    • Annual Updates Are Handled in The Tool
    • Supports The Audit

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Highlights on various reasons why you should consider incorporating our tool into your organization

Enhanced Efficiency: Our ISO 27001 tool is designed to streamline and automate compliance processes, saving you valuable time and resources.

Consistency and Compliance: By utilizing our tool, you can ensure that your organization consistently adheres to ISO 27001 requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Effective Risk Management: Our tool facilitates the identification, assessment, and management of security risks, offering a structured approach to risk mitigation.

Simplified Documentation: We’ve made it easy to create, manage, and maintain the necessary documentation, ensuring that you meet ISO 27001 documentation requirements effortlessly.

Real-Time Monitoring: With our tool, you can monitor security controls and compliance status in real time, allowing for proactive risk management.

Comprehensive Reporting: Our tool generates comprehensive reports and analytics, offering valuable insights into your organization’s security posture and areas for improvement.

Audit Preparation Made Easy: We’ve designed our tool to simplify audit readiness by organizing documentation and evidence for auditors.

Optimized Resource Allocation: By using our ISO 27001 tool, you can allocate resources more efficiently, resulting in cost savings associated with compliance efforts.

Continual Improvement: Our tool supports ongoing compliance efforts and the continuous improvement cycle by identifying areas where enhancements can be made.

Over 50 companies use our tool

Benefits of using our tool

We are a dedicated team of information security specialists committed to one primary goal – our customer’s satisfaction. With a collective expertise in information security, we go above and beyond to ensure that your security needs are not just met, but exceeded. Your safety in the digital world is our top priority, and we work tirelessly to provide you with the best solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Trust us to safeguard your digital assets, and experience the peace of mind that comes with a team truly dedicated to your security.

Key Features
Organizational Control
People Checks
Physical Controls
Technological Controls
Set Level/ Maturities
Define Responsibilities
Log Evidence
Plan & Document Implementation


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What our customers say

Our journey to ISO 27001 certification was made remarkably smooth with Perpetuum Capital´s ISO 27001 tool. It simplified our gap analysis, making it a breeze to identify areas needing improvement. The audit process became more efficient, and generating our Statement of Applicability (SoA) was a breeze. Highly recommended!
Company A (Switzerland)
150 Employees
We found Karoly´s ISO 27001 tool indispensable during our certification process. It streamlined the entire audit journey, ensuring we met all compliance requirements. The gap analysis feature was particularly helpful in identifying vulnerabilities. An invaluable tool for any organization pursuing ISO 27001 certification.
Company B (Germany)
75 Employees
Thanks to Karoly and the entire Perpetuum Capital team, our ISO 27001 certification process was a resounding success. It provided us with a structured approach to security management, simplifying our gap analysis, audit preparations, and SoA generation. The tool's flexibility and user-friendly interface are a game-changer for ISO 27001 compliance.
Company C (Switzerland)
300 Employees
Obtaining ISO 27001 certification with Perpetuum Capital's ISO 27001 tool was an extremely positive experience. It helped us easily identify our weak points and made the entire certification process much easier. What was particularly useful was the ability to create our Security Overview (SoA). Highly recommended!
Company D (Switzerland)
50 Employees
Our journey to ISO 27001 certification has been made significantly easier with Perpetuum Capital's ISO 27001 tool. It made our gap analysis much easier and made the entire audit process more efficient. Generating our Security Overview (SoA) was a breeze. Highly recommended for any company on the path to ISO 27001 certification.
Company E (Switzerland)
200 Employees


What is ISO 27001, and why is it important for my organization?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard for information security management systems (ISMS). It's crucial because it helps organizations protect sensitive information, manage risks effectively, and comply with data protection regulations.

How can an ISO 27001 tool benefit my organization?

An ISO 27001 tool streamlines compliance processes, ensures consistency, automates risk management, simplifies documentation, offers real-time monitoring, generates reports, and supports audit readiness, all of which lead to improved security and cost savings.

Is the tool suitable for organizations of all sizes and industries?

Yes, our ISO 27001 tool is scalable and adaptable, making it suitable for organizations of various sizes and industries. It can be customized to meet specific needs and compliance requirements.

Will the tool require significant IT resources for implementation?

Implementation requirements vary depending on your organization's existing IT infrastructure and complexity. However, our tool is designed for ease of use, and our team provides support to ensure a smooth implementation process.

How does the tool assist with risk management?

Our ISO 27001 tool provides a structured approach to risk management, facilitating risk identification, assessment, and mitigation. It offers real-time risk monitoring and reporting for informed decision-making.

Can the tool integrate with our existing software and systems?

Yes, our tool is designed to integrate seamlessly with various software and systems.

What support and training options are available to users of the tool?

We offer comprehensive support, including training, user guides, and ongoing assistance to help you maximize the tool's benefits and ensure a successful implementation.

Is the tool updated to align with changes in ISO 27001 standards and regulations?

Yes, we regularly update our tool to align with the latest ISO 27001 standards and regulations, ensuring ongoing compliance and effectiveness.

How can I get started with the ISO 27001 tool for my organization?

To get started, simply hit the "purchase" button. You will then be able to download the tool after payment, ready to get started.

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